Booking Conditions

Booking is subject to the following provisions:

  1. The hirer must be over 18 years of age and the premises used for law abiding activities only. Sub-letting by the hirer is not permitted unless authorised in writing by the Trustees and the hirer must not part with possession of the keys nor use the keys for any purpose whatsoever other than for the authorized activity.
  2. All hirers must respect the activities of other hirers and must not cause or permit any disturbance to these activities. Please note that the booking of the Knighton room alone does not allow access to or through the Main Hall.
  3. All bookings must be made through and all charges paid to the bookings clerk and where applicable, deposits will be required as follows:
  • Afternoon private bookings £50.00
  • AII day and evening private bookings £100.00
  1. Rolling and block booking payments are due monthly in arrears. 28 days notice is required for cancellation of a booking and/or termination of the whole rolling or block booking. Individual booking payment is due on booking and is non-returnable in the event of cancellation by the hirer unless 28 days notice is given by the hirer. Booking session times must be strictly observed by all hirers and any failure to vacate the premises on time will be chargeable to the hirer as another session at £50.00.
  2. The hirer must arrange with the bookings clerk for the collection and return of the Village Hall’s keys.
  3. The hirer is responsible for all damage to and loss of property and equipment on the premises during the period of hire and must pay for the replacement or repair of same. Any such damage or loss must be reported to the bookings clerk immediately following a session or when returning the key, and any deposit will be returned once the building has been checked.
  4. The Trustees cannot be held responsible for injury to persons or damage to property of the hirer or for any loss incurred to persons and/or property during the period of hire, or for any articles left on the premises.
  5. Intoxicating liquor may be consumed on the premises but not sold on the premises unless a Liquor Licence is obtained (see 21 below). Legal age restrictions must be applied.
  6. No persons must interfere with any installed electrical equipment.
  7. The hirer must not cause nor permit any property belonging to the Trust to be removed from the premises without the written permission of the Trustees.
  8. The hirer must not affix nails or staples in walls or woodwork and there must be no marking of the walls or use of adhesive tape. No oil, chalk or any other substance is to be put on the floors. No footwear which could damage the flooring is permitted e.g. stiletto heels, football boots, golf shoes etc
  9. No dogs are allowed in the premises except for guide dogs.
  10. During discos, dances, parties and similar functions there must be sufficient stewards on duty to protect the premises from damage. For junior discos and similar functions there must be at least 2 adult male and 2 adult female stewards in attendance.
  11. The hirer must leave the premises and any of its equipment which has been used by the hirer in a clean and tidy condition and all rubbish must be taken away.
  12. All doors and windows must be secured, all lights and taps turned off, and central heating room stats returned to 20 degrees centigrade (see instructions adjacent to the boilers) upon leaving the premises. Please note that the central heating boiler for the Main Hall is in the kitchen and the central heating boiler for the Knighton room is in the adjacent utility room.
  13. Hirers must comply with all safety and instruction notices displayed within the premises.
  14. ln order to comply with the Fire Officer’s rulings it is necessary to restrict the number of people using the hall at any one time as follows :-
  • Main Hall: 170 without tables: 130 with tables
  • Knighton Room: 70 without tables: 40 with tables
  1. All fire doors to be kept clear at all times.
  2. Fire Regulations.
  3. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the premises.
  4. Hirers are reminded that they must be aware of the position and operation of the fire exits and extinguishers supplied. The position of fire exits and extinguishers are detailed on the diagram displayed in the foyer of both the main hall and the Knighton room.
  5. The Chief Fire Officer has made it a condition of our Community Premises Licence that ‘No material or apparatus designed or intended for use of the production of smoke or flame for the purpose of effect shall be on the premises at any time. The hirer is responsible for complying with this condition.
  6. Any authorised officer of the Devon Fire and Rescue Service in uniform may enter the premises for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not the fire precautions are adequate and are being satisfactorily maintained.
  7. If use of the Audio loop and PA system is required please request an instruction leaflet and key from the bookings clerk.
  8. If alcohol is to be sold then the hirer must obtain a Licence for the sale of alcohol. Hirers will require a temporary event notice from South Hams District Council. Please ask the bookings clerk for details.
  9. In order for the Trustees to comply with the requirements of the Village Hall’s insurers and Health & Safety obligations any hirer having locked storage within the premises must supply a key for that storage to the Trustees. The trustees reserve the right to open and inspect the locked storage at any time.
  10. Hirers must be aware of their responsibility to:

(i)   control parking safely

(ii)  know the location of the fuse box and how to turn off power

(iii) to mark any unsafe equipment and take it out of use

(iv) to clear up spillages immediately and be acquainted with where the equipment is kept

(v)  to use the stepladder safely

(vi) any equipment, which shall include  electrical items, brought into the Hall by the hirer shall comply with relevant UK standards and safety regulations.